Board Games

Let me get one thing straight: I love games. I'm always up for some gaming fun, regardless of the medium: video game, card game, board game. But there's definitely something special about that last one for me.

Board games are amazing to me, because their design needs to be simple enough to be encoded into bits of cardboard and plastic. Video games can be pretty captivating for sure, but the magic that makes them work is hidden behind code and math that you'll never see. With a board game, everything is out in the open once you open the box.

They're also inherently more social. Some exceptions aside, they're almost always designed to be played with multiple people in the same room. Sometimes you get more fun out of just hanging out with friends than you do from the mechanics of the game.

It also helps to own a few hundred or so. Yeah, the collection is currently sitting at close to 500. Let's just call it what it is: an obsession.