Welcome to cobalt ceiling. What you’ve stumbled upon here is the junk drawer of my brain. Anything and [almost] everything I could conceive has found [or will find] its way here. Who am I, and what makes all this so special? Well, there’s a page for all that already. Check out Me if you’re really interested. [Only one of those questions will be sufficiently answered.]

I got so tired of waiting to make this site that I decided to make it. [Logic complaints must be submitted in writing...in triplicate. No, quadruplicate!] What you see here may change tomorrow; more likely it’ll be years from now. This affects you in such a miniscule way, I almost hesitate to mention it. However, I’ve got a whole page to fill here. [Sentence fragment usage complaints must be...]

The links on the left are the key. Click one and related things will happen. This, my friends, is a living tribute to hypertext itself. Behold! …and enjoy!